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visualize ideal spaces

Visualize Ideal Spaces

MRO is an innovative firm, specialised in cad design, BIM, 3d modelling, rendering and 3d real-time VR.

We approach architecture with a special focus on the user, we immerge him in a new reality through technology as an extension of human senses.

We update us constantly and study innovative software to offer consultation and training courses for visualizazion and 3d modelling.

Our mission is to build details, emotive connection and comprehension for our clients to save their time and money.


ViVR is a MRO’s spin-off which looks to the future. Our mission is develop fields through our service.

Showing you project is not enough anymore. Immerse your client in your project: visualization and personalization of space in realtime 3D and in VR.

We’re a multidisciplinary entity with a particular focus on consumers, their needs and their dreams.

Make your business faster, more profitable and emotional with us.


a multidisciplinary team

Cecilia Campobenedetto
Communication specialist
Dana Ospanova
3D Visualizer
Moreno Contento
3D Artist
Andrew Levitsky
Junior Developer
Antonio Pangallo
3D Visualizer
Valeria Goncharenko
Communication specialist
Inna Dubovnyk
3D Visualizer

Luigi Cardella - Melissa Piazzi - Moreno Contento - Giuseppe Amodeo - Sajid Athar - Melody Rose Palmer - Sonia Veglianti - Martina De Gaetano


Design and photography

  • Design and space distribution
  • Photography, frame, exposure and color correction
  • Lighting, texturing and composition
  • Interior design and architectural context


Rendering, architectural visualization and VR

  • Photorealistic exterior and interior renderings
  • Virtual reality activities
  • Development of real time and desktop 3D applications , VR side application development



  • Understanding design and architectural elements
  • Use of design software
  • Development of innovative solutions for architectural visualization

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