Design Modeling, Rendering, 3d Realtime, Virtual Reality

VIVR is a project of a two story villa prototype, in 3d real-time and virtual reality, inside of which (both on desktop and virtual reality, by using a headset), it is possible to interact with the environment through touch-points.
Inside this prototype, one can:
-Navigate inside the spaces, using the mouse and the keyboard.
-Change the models in the scene: Possibility of substituting them with other models available in the object list
-Insert objects, from the menu inside the environment, in whichever point of the scene, a total number of 6 furniture (sofa, chair, table, bookshelves, bathroom sink, toilet pot and bed)
-Rotate the translation of the objects present in the scene, both for Desktop and virtual reality, for 6 furniture (sofa, chair, table, bookshelves, bathroom sink, toilet pot and bed)
-Material library: access to a list of materials, applicable to different surfaces (furniture, floors, walls, ceilings and doors). The materials are: walnut wood, oak wood, cherry wood, teak wood, laminated wood, marble, adobe brick, steel, ceramic, fabric, leather, corten, porcelain; with two typologies for each colour: bright and dark.
-Change intensity and colour of lights
-360° rendering of the environment in Real Time
-Classic renderings, image capture
-Switch to a level without any furniture
-Open automatic doors
-Building plan with placement of the user (mini-map)
-Turn on and off the lights
-Navigate inside the scene using VR and resulting optimization

Client: Private

Year: 2019

Status: Under construction


Categories: Real-time 3d Virtual Reality

Some VIVR renders

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