Architectural & interior design

2d design with study of the project concept, solutions for living spaces, offices and retail.

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Modeling, rendering & VR

Design and 3D rendering of spaces, visualization / customization through immersive virtual tour (discover ViVR).

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Training & courses

Development of interactive architectural visualization solutions through design software.

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Design and visualize ideal spaces using technology to fill the gap between imagination and reality.




ideal spaces

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Latest projects

Ermellino 1

Design, Modeling, Rendering, Building Site

A refuge at the foot of the mountain, where you can feel at home. The traditional rustic style has been revisited by inserting furniture elements with a contemporary design. But at the same time everything has been kept alive thanks to the use of local materials such as wood and stone, with the intention of creating a unique combination of design and comfort. The aim was trying to not distort the internal distribution scheme, making the house more functional and usable in her serving spaces (corridor). In this sense were created niches on the wall for closet use with flush-closing doors in oak wood, the purpose was to give continuity to the corridor in the mobile and fixed parts.

25 Verde – BM

Design, Modeling, Rendering, Building Site

25 Verde:
Type of intervention: Ordinary maintenance in the apartment located on the 3rd floor.
MRO design projects and designs:

The kitchen: (custom-made matt white resin). There is the touch of the company Pecchioli for the for the tile, the seat back and a wall of the kitchen. The particularity of this handmade tile is its modularity that goes from a square size up to a rectangular size of 120x80 cm. This makes possible to modulate the kitchen wall. This is possible thanks to a sharp break between the base, the wall units and the tile finish, giving an extremely elegant final design.

Living room: (a continum of the kitchen). The Adriani e Ross...

Virtual Showroom Taurino, Turin

Design, Modeling, Rendering, Virtual Tour

We have created a completely digital showroom for the Taurino one specialized in the sale of lights from various brands including (Poulsen, Fontana Arte and Artemide). The potential buyer can practice a buying experience knowing the item, its characteristics, its history and the anecdotes that led to the creation of that one. At the end of the virtual tour of the showroom, the customer can buy the product online, without having to go to the showroom, comfortably at home.
In the case of the showroom, which is the object of the project, there is currently no physical showroom. The idea is to make all the online shopping experience for customers even away from physical showrooms.

MRO Design

Visualize ideal spaces

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