The Phygital concept

“The main driver of change is not so much the specialisation but rather the ability to combine different knowledge that are clearly separated “(A. Smith). This way of thinking can be concretely described by the Phygital concept.
Phygital is an experience that joins two fields, the physical one and the digital too. Both of them could seem different and clearly separated. However they not only can coexist, but their union brings an added value to the context in which it is applied to and to their customers. In a world described as ONLIFE, The Phygital stands for the essential key of innovation, marketing and customer experience. It is not considered as a choice between the real world and the virtual one, but it is the fusion of both.
In the Retail area, the tool that represents in the best way this idea is the virtual showroom.

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Virtual showroom as an added value

The virtual showroom can be created and designed from the beginning or it can represent the digital reproduction of a physical space which exists in reality. It is a virtual space that allows the distance selling of products and it is a totally interactive and immersive experience. It is not only a selling tool, but it is a way to express the company values and the brand importance. The virtual showroom allows us to reach the customer, with a click of the mouse, in a simple and effective way. Nowadays this also allows us to overcome physical distances that are binding and important for the company. Its use is easier than an e-commerce shop. As a matter of fact, the virtual showroom as a phygital experience, can use the reliability of the digital world, mixing as many real elements as possible.

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Virtual showroom as an experience and a selling practice

Phygital fulfils three important concepts: immersivity, interactivity and interaction. This exhibition and retail space allows the customer the experience of an immersive space. It describes and it infuses the brand ideas and its values tout court. Moreover, it also allows the interaction with objects, through different additional information by hypertextuality. As a matter of fact, it was mostly observed that the customer, who experiences such an engaging space, becomes more attentive to all the details and information that encourages him to purchase.
Therefore, the virtual showroom is a very effective and efficient selling practice.

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Obviously, the real experience of the customers, that is the direct and physical involvement of the product will always be the best one. Therefore, it can never be completely replaced. However, the virtual showroom represents an appropriate and functional anticipation of the product in the space and its following experience. In order to make a positive change, the winning strategy is to embrace innovation through the identification of new ways of designing, manufacturing and selling.

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I am a designer, visualizer and trainer, based in Turin, Italy. With over 10 years of professional experience in the field of architectural visualization I work with great attention to details and realism, creating the best possible visualization.

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