Events and Covid-19: VR as a possible solution.

The current situation opens the door to new ways of working and we have to adopt the most suitable solutions for our business.

Events and Covid-19: VR as a possible solution.

During this period, which requires physical distancing, many companies have had to reinvent new ways to continue working. Many events, fairs, training courses have been canceled causing damage to many companies. In this sense, however, virtual reality can be a solution, a way to escape from this critical situation. VR events can offer concrete possibilities to maintain the company’s operations, not favoring complete shutdown. The solutions offered are: virtual platforms and VR events.

Virtual platforms.

The user chooses an avatar at log-in and moves in a personalized virtual world according to the customer’s needs. This type of platform doesn’t require a viewer, and can be used by any device connected to the internet. The other users present at the virtual event / fair / conference will also be identified by avatars. Through these platforms it is possible to attend conferences, network, use voice chat, exchange multimedia files. The main advantages are ease of use and you don’t need a visor such as Oculus or Vive to be able to use it (possession of a visor is not highly widespread). The main disadvantage is that the participants aren’t completely immersed in the situation, so that sense of “escaping” from their home is limited. Obviously if the event is interesting, carefully constructed, the involvement can be high and create high benefits for the company.

VR offers companies opportunities.

VR events.

It is possible to create a virtual space, using the viewers, where the participants are actually immersed. As for virtual platforms, even for VR events it is possible to attend conferences, network, use voice chat, exchange multimedia files, the only thing that changes is that users live a real experience. In the realization of an event it is possible to resume the conference with 360 cameras, so that the participants not only see an avatar, but see a real space, with a real person speaking. The 360 ​​video also allows direct streaming. It works like a normal direct, visible through viewers. The main advantage is obviously the immersion. Through the viewer, the user enters another reality where he/she can see, from any angle he/she prefers, objects and speak with other people face to face, and all this while remaining in his/her home in total safety. The disadvantage is that you cannot live this experience without a viewer.

Convid-19 has led to a sharp slowdown, a blockage, of many companies. Companies, however, to an increase in problems must lead to an increase in solutions. Solutions suitable for your business, innovative solutions and VR, for many sectors, can be one of these.

VR: innovative solution.

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