Virtual reality: adoption, using and software for VR creation

From traditional 3D models to the experience of perception of space in VR

Virtual reality and its profound impact in architecture

High-end photorealistic visuals have become major factors to understand a project in a competitive industry with tight budgets and quick deadlines. VR introduces a new way to design, collaborate and convey architecture and architectural visualization, bringing with it more opportunity for large architectural firms as well as individual freelancers.

Today, virtual reality adds a new dimension to the mainstream 3D tools used in architectural visualization. VR is playing a significant role in architecture thanks to its unique ability to represent space at human scale. Its usage is expected to increase rapidly in 2020.

We are seeing the most widespread adoption of VR and it will be use on multiple projects.

VR and Architecture

Rapid increase in the use of virtual reality in architecture

The introduction of virtual reality offers new ways for architects and visualization artists to experience their designs.

Over two-thirds of architecture and architectural visualization professionals plan to use VR in 2020.

A research of Chaosgroup, “Architectural visualization technology report” (2017), explained that more than half of their surveyed have used VR or are currently experimenting with VR on a project.

Of those already using virtual reality, 80% have used it on multiple projects, suggesting that VR is beginning to play a more significant role in architectural design and visualization workflows.

VR: the tool of large architecture firms

Most large architectural firms are already using VR and they are leading the adoption of virtual reality.

62% of large firms are currently using VR, and 95% of them have used it on five or more projects.

According to the survey, V-Ray is the most used software for VR creation in architecture and architectural visualization, followed by Unreal Engine and Unity.


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