Archviz, a marketing strategy

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A marketing strategy

We wrote about architectural visualization (What is Archviz?) but we only touched upon about archviz as marketing strategy. We defined this metholody as “a successor of Realism that is strategic, accessible and comprehensible”. Trying to explain this adjectives we start from the reason it’s possible to write about marketing in a specific architectural methodology.


Marketing is the work on the product to satisfy customers’ needs so it’s everywhere, in any fields and sectors. The architectural visualization has a specific goal that is render images more similar as possibile to reality. The purposes of this goal is a special costumer’s need, visualize reality. If the costumer sees an house planimetry the real estate must be even better at convincing him of the proposal.


The costumer will be able to see a finished proposal, although still virtual, through a photographic render. Some research indicates the 300% increase in engagement for photo renders within virtual experiences. The engagement, this “emotional attachment of the consumer, arising from specific experiences he experienced during the interaction with the product, will turn to the brand/company itself” ( However, do not believe that the advantage of a photographic render is only in its being hyper-realistic.

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Comprehensible and accessible realism

The secret of archviz, according to Deon Liebenberg, Thinklab art director, is being influenced by Realism.

“imposes a world view, a value system, on the scene, as part of a carefully considered marketing strategy”


For this reason it’s necessary to affirm how a product of technicality becomes attractive for everybody because it accompanies the user in the vision of a Realism that, developed, is now comprehensible and accessible.

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Michele Ramella Ottaviano

I am a designer, visualizer and trainer, based in Turin, Italy. With over 10 years of professional experience in the field of architectural visualization I work with great attention to details and realism, creating the best possible visualization.

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